Saints Alive! - An Arcadia Films Production for EWTN at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Waterbury, CT

SAINTS ALIVE! An Arcadia Films Production for EWTN

SAINTS ALIVE! An Arcadia Films Production for EWTN


He's a 4th Century Church Father, theologian, writer and Doctor of the Church. He's the famous son of St. Monica, who with the help of St. Ambrose, broke with years of self-absorbed licentious living and dark philosophies to embrace Jesus as the Lord of his life. He would become an exemplary Christian, a servant of the poor, a holy priest and bishop. Before his conversion Augustine belonged to the heretical sect of the Manicheans. Pope John Paul II warned the world of the new Manicheanism and Augustine speaks to this modern phenomenon.

ST. GEMMA GALGANIST. GEMMA GALGANI (Appeared on February 5, 2011)

She's a modern mystic who became the first canonized saint to live in the twentieth century. Born in Tuscany, Italy in 1878 this visionary, stigmatist embraced a hidden life of sickness, and sufferings as a victim soul for the conversion of sinners. Denied her wish to become a nun, she mirrored Christ's thirty years in Nazareth, by spending her life as a laywoman performing the ordinary tasks of the home in joyful prayer and atonement for the sins of others. It was her policy never to say "No" to any trial God wanted her to submit to. Despite experiencing successive illnesses, she spent her brief life consumed in the love of Christ's sacred heart. We can learn from her powerful life-testimony, how to face physical and mental sufferings of sickness, disability, death; a proper perspective on the afterlife, on marriage and family; on formed moral conscience; her reverence for life in the face of the contemporary attacks on human life (such as contraception, abortion, euthanasia) Above all we can learn from her how to "love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength."

ST. GREGORY THE GREATST. GREGORY THE GREAT (Appeared on February 5, 2011)

He's a 6th Century son of a wealthy Roman senator. A youthful chief magistrate of Rome, who became a simple monk. This priest, theologian, writer would become the abbot founder of monasteries, and diplomat. As pope his liturgical, theological, doctrinal and pastoral reforms would forever give him the name "Great". He will always hold a special place in English faith and culture, for initiating the missionary movement which converted Great Britain. Known universally as the Father of the Medieval World, he became a Doctor of the Church and the Patron of Teachers. Gregory addresses our contemporary need for authentic liturgy, episcopal leadership, and spiritual formation of priests, religious and laity.

ST. THOMAS AQUINASST. THOMAS AQUINAS (Appeared on February 6, 2011)

He's a 13th Century Italian; a Dominican priest, theologian, writer and Doctor of the Church, he became the pre-eminent spokesperson for the Catholic tradition on faith and reason. The patron of university students, he lived at a critical juncture of history; when Aristotle's works became available in Latin; raising the history of civilization's universal questions. Just as the first universities were being founded, he taught at the University of Paris with his Franciscan colleague St Bonaventure. From there he dialogued with the classical world and with the great scholars of Islam. His "Summa" for which he is most renowned fills 20 large tomes. St. Thomas addresses today's "dictatorship of relativism" and the pursuit of objective truth.

ST. TERESA OF AVILAST. TERESA OF ÁVILA (Appeared on February 6, 2011)

She's a 16th Century Spanish born Carmelite nun who became the Church's Doctor of Prayer. Her mystic teachings on the interior life, which renewed her own monastic community, became the heart of restoration and reform in the Post Reformation era. She's with us to tell us what happened then and how it can happen again for us today. St. Teresa demonstrates that proper renewal is rooted in a restoration of the moral and spiritual life centered on the life of the soul as an interior castle with many rooms which must be entered in order to experience the fulness of God's love.


An Italian Jesuit priest, bishop, cardinal, theologian, teacher, writer and Doctor of the Church, he lived in the late 16th and early 17th Century. His classic work "On the Controversies" shaped the Church's response to the Protestant reformation. This humble man of prayer, conscience and wisdom was a defender of the Church and a defender of the God centered Democratic State. The spiritual father and patron of St Aloysius Gonzaga and St. Francis de Sales, he is known as the Prince of Apologists, Patron of Catechists, and Doctor of Church-State Relations. Set with a classical presentation of Catholic spirituality, he presents the Church's teachings on the proper forms of good governance and a basic guide to Catholic-Protestant relations.

ST. LOUIS DE MONTFORTST. LOUIS DE MONTFORT (Appeared on February 6, 2011)

He is the saint of genuine devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus and mother of the church. "Totus tuus" (which means completely yours) was Louis' personal motto, and the motto that our late Pope John Paul II chose for his papacy; Pope John Paul called his reading of the saint's classic "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin" (which presents the saint's spirituality of "total consecration to Jesus through Mary") to be "a decisive turning point of my life… and indispensable for anyone wishing to give himself without reserve to Christ", This saint who lived in late 17th and early 18th Century France, inspired the Mother Teresa of Calcutta's spirituality. He is called "the apostle of the end times" and "the prophet of the age of Mary', Montfort spent his brief sixteen year ministry giving parish missions and serving the poor and sick of western France. This legendary mystic, preacher, writer, musician, artist and missionary troubadour, will present the Marian way as the most simple and direct spiritual path to her Son.

ST. IRENAEUS OF LYONSST. IRENAEUS OF LYONS (Appeared on February 7, 2011)

He's a Second Century Church Father, priest, bishop, theologian, writer and Doctor of the Church. He led the Church's victory over the Church's first major heresy, and the mother of ALL heresies... GNOSTICISM. Gnosticism has returned today, perhaps as never before; and this man and his classic book hold the key to recognizing and defeating its all-out demonic war on our faith, understanding and culture. St. Irenaeus returns to tell us how the Church won the war against Gnosticism in the early Church; and what we can do today to win that war again!


She lived in the turbulent, plague ridden 14th Century. An Italian Dominican nun, a mystic, visionary and stigmatist, she became one of history's great spiritual directors and theologians. A counsellor to popes and kings, she became a peacemaker among nations, and a Doctor of the Church. A leader in the care of the sick, the poor and hungry during a century of chaos, she persuaded the pope to return from Avignon to Rome - thus ending a great schism in the Church. Her "Dialogues" and "Letters" are writings are considered among the greatest classic works on how we are to live a life of holiness. St. Catherine offers her time tested map for the inner journey of purification, illumination and union with God.

ST. JEAN VIANNEYST. JEAN VIANNEY (Appeared on February 7, 2011)

He's the 19th Century humble French cleric known as the "Cure Of Ars" who became the Church's universal "Patron of Priests". As parish priest of the remote village of Ars, he became world renowned as a confessor and director of souls. Though condemned in the seminary for being weak intellectually, he became recognized throughout the Church as the priestly embodiment of the true wisdom incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ. His life was characterized by his powerful ascetical practices, of deep forms of mortification. A great mystic wonderworker, who despite being constantly besieged by the devil, retained a childlike simplicity, patience and compassionate service to his people. With us is one of the greatest evangelizers in the history of the Church, who remains to this day the living image of the priest who lives from the heart of Christ.

SAINTS ALIVE! An Arcadia Films Production for EWTN

The Glory of Saint Benedict... SAINTS ALIVE! An Arcadia Films Production for EWTN

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Arcadia Films Ltd., the producers of Eucharist, Parable and Saints Speak on EWTN, are in the post production phase of a NEW television series for the Global Catholic Network entitled Saints Alive!, set at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, Connecticut.

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